Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning Internship Program

Dr de Villiers and Partners – Krugersdorp, is an HPCSA accredited undergraduate radiography as well as sonography training center. We are affiliated with the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in the training of radiography and ultrasound students. We form part of the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program which includes directed or supported educational activities that integrate theoretical learning with its application in the workplace. The main aim of the program is to expose students to the real world of the workplace while still studying, assisting them to gain general work experience and develop a range of valuable generic skills.

We wish to congratulate both of our fourth year students who passed their studies in 2023, venturing into community service in 2024.


Eight undergraduate students are employed at Dr de Villiers and Partners for 2024 –one third year BRad diagnostic student, one third year BRad ultrasound student, two second year BRad diagnostic students, one first year BRad diagnostic student and two first year ultrasound students respectively. The students are employed for the practical duration of their studies. Internship Students are working under close supervision of qualified radiographers and sonographers, and receive intensive training in all aspects of the profession.

For any Training enquiries please contact Helena (diagnostic radiography) or Alicia (ultrasound).

For more information on UJ’s Diagnostic Radiography and Ultrasound Training Degrees, please click “here”