Radiation Safety

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Radiation Safety

We are all exposed to natural background radiation every day of our lives. This comes from the ground and building materials around us, the air we breathe, the food we eat and even from outer space (cosmic rays).

Each medical x-ray examination gives us a small additional dose on top of this natural background radiation. The level of dose varies with the type of examination, ranging from the equivalent of a few days of natural background radiation for the commoner examinations such as x-rays of the chest or limbs, to a few years. Even these represent only a fraction of our lifetime dose from natural radiation.

Radiologic imaging plays a major role in patient care by providing early and accurate diagnosis of disease, improved treatment planning, and image-guided therapies that help save lives every day.

Although there is a small but recognized risk from radiation exposure with some forms of radiologic imaging, the benefits of having a necessary study far outweigh the risk.  Conventional x-rays, CT, fluoroscopy, mammography are examples of studies which involve the use of ionizing radiation.  Ultrasound and MRI do not involve the use of ionizing radiation.

We place a strong emphasis not only on quality and expertise of radiologic imaging services but also on patient safety, including radiation safety.  Our practice is committed to obtaining quality images, while minimizing the risk of radiation exposure to patients from imaging procedures whenever and wherever possible.

We make use of lead shielding to protect that part of your body that does not require exposure. We do take special care of pregnant women and children and shield them properly. We strive to ensure that the radiation dosage to which patients are exposed is minimized and does not exceed the prescribed safety levels.

Infection control

Dr de Villiers & Partners adheres to the universal precautions for infection control.

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