Frequently asked questions

How do I gain access to view my images and reports?

If you’re not currently registered with us, please email a request access to support@healthrad.co.za. Kindly include your contact details and practice number, a technician will make contact with you to ensure that the required software is installed.

What is required to view images on my computer?

A computer similar to or better than the requirements detailed below is needed for streamlined viewing purposes. Upon completion of the registration procedure, a user account and temporary password will be assigned to access the system.

Minimum Hardware and software system requirements:

  • Intel Core i3 processor or similar
  • 4GB RAM
  • 50GB available hard drive space
  • Windows 7 (or higher) computer with Internet Explorer 8 (or higher) is supported
  • 2Mbps minimum Internet connectivity
How do I access my images and reports?

Both images and reports are available on our PACS website and mobile platform.

I need assistance, how do I contact you?

By emailing support@healthrad.co.za or dialling our support number on +27 12 997 4548.

Remote support is offered via a Teamviewer session.