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Fluoroscopy is a radiologic modality which provides real-time X ray imaging that is especially useful for guiding a variety of diagnostic and interventional procedures. The ability of fluoroscopy to display motion is provided by a continuous series of images produced at a maximum rate of 25-30 complete images per second. Fluoroscopy is used in many types of examinations and procedures, such as barium studies, cardiac catheterization, urologic studies and placement of intravenous (IV) catheters.

Fluoroscopy may be part of an examination or procedure that is done on either an outpatient or inpatient basis. The specific type of procedure or examination being done will determine whether any preparation prior to the procedure is required. Your doctor should notify you of any pre-procedure instructions.

GIT Imaging

Gastro-Intestinal Imaging (a form of Fluoroscopy), uses contrast media and X-rays to examine the anatomy and its function.
As most Gastro Intestinal Imaging (GIT) studies require some form of preparation an appointment is essential – unless it is an emergency.

The radiographer assisting the radiologist will help you at all times to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during the examination.

The contrast medium generally used during the procedures are barium-based, but iodine based solutions are also used in certain instances.


Our department assists with fluoroscopy of the following systems/procedures:

  • GIT systems;
  • Urinary tract investigations including Nephrostomies;
  • Reproductive systems;
  • Central Nervous Systems: Lumbar Punctures, Myelography and Cisternography;
  • Sinography, Conduitography and Fistulography;
  • T-tube Cholangiography;
  • Sialography;
  • Dacrocystography;
  • Venography;
  • Arthrography;
  • Portograms.
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