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Fees & Billing


Please note that we are an independent specialist radiology practice. Account(s) for our services will be rendered separately from that of Netcare / Casualty / Pathology and Treating Specialist.

You will be expected to settle your account on the day of your radiographic examination or, if you are admitted to hospital, on the day of your discharge from hospital. You may pay by credit card, debit card, electronic funds transfer or cash.

For a fee estimate, statement and / or tax invoice of your account please contact our accounts department on 011 888-1700, email info@xraydev.co.za or enquire at our reception desk at one of our branches.


In most cases, we charge the unique scheme rate for the particular examination as determined by your particular medical scheme;

Whilst the account remains your responsibility to settle, we will submit accounts on your behalf to your medical aid scheme if it is in good standing. To facilitate this, we require your permission to do so, proof of current membership and confirmation that we have your correct medical aid membership and personal details.

The specific terms and conditions of your membership plan with your medical scheme are contained in the rules of your fund and the plan you have selected.

It is essential that you familiarise yourself with the benefits and obligations in terms of your particular membership in consultation with your medical scheme and or broker.

It is recommended that you determine whether the service is related to a prescribed minimum benefit condition (PMB) and, if so, what the scheme requirements are for accessing PMB funding. You can find out more about PMB conditions on the Council for Medical Schemes website – www.medicalschemes.com

For non-PMB conditions, and for certain procedures, some scheme options offer highly restricted benefits and or may require you to pay a co-payment. Co-payments may also apply if you choose a service provider outside of your medical scheme plan’s provider network.

Some medical scheme plans include a medical savings account for day to day benefits and some may only offer in-hospital benefits.

The scheme rules may indicate that the scheme will only settle your account from the amount available in your medical savings account.

If these funds are depleted or if your plan does not have a medical savings account and you are not admitted to hospital at the time of your radiology service, you may be required to settle the account yourself;

If pre-authorisation is required by your scheme for any particular imaging examination or procedure, it is your responsibility to obtain such pre-authorisation. We invite you to approach us for assistance in applying for pre-authorisation. Pre-authorisation is, however, not a guarantee of payment and does not absolve you from the responsibility of settling our account.

In certain circumstances, a co-payment may be required and or your benefits may be depleted. To the extent that this information is known at the time of service, immediate settlement of the shortfall will be required.

It is imperative that new-born babies be registered as dependents with the medical scheme immediately after birth.


  • Our account will be rendered at our standard private rate;
  • A reduced preferential rate (Private Medical Aid Rate) will apply if the account is settled in full:
    • On the same day as the imaging procedure, or
    • If you are admitted to hospital at the time of your imaging procedure, on the same day you are discharged from the hospital;
  • All non-SA residents will be required to settle their radiology account in full on the day of examination, or discharge from the hospital, if admitted as an in-patient at the time of the examination.
  • All SA residents who have contracts with insurance companies or international medical aid schemes are required to settle their accounts with us on the day of examination or discharge from the hospital, if admitted as an in-patient at the time of the examination. For ease of reference our banking details are as follows:

Bank: Nedbank
Account number: 1978232810
Branch code: 190605
Branch Name: The Carlton

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